Our Approach

The activities of The Flux Group are unified around five core tenets:

Find Your Mission

In today’s age of flux, the relentless pace of change presents both challenges and opportunities. Which disruptions require an immediate response? What trends can be watched and assessed before acting? Only by identifying a clear, core mission can we forge a long-term North Star by which to navigate each transformational shift.

Lead with Purpose

Maximizing profitability is no longer sufficient to attract the best talent and the most coveted customers. Engagement and motivation revolve around the purpose of an organization. Next-generation leaders integrate empathy and purpose with operational impact.

Unleash Creativity

The old rules of business no longer apply. In today’s chaotic ecosystem, what’s needed is flexibility, adaptability and collaboration. What does it mean to think outside the box in this environment? When is thinking inside the box more effective? How do you build a team that operates with organizational agility? We need to tap into creativity to find solutions to questions that are more complicated than ever before.

Inspire Change

As much as we are fascinated by the new, we also resist it. We are scared of it. It is a natural human impulse. But in the age of flux, these instincts are not helpful. We need to retrain ourselves. We need to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Generate Impact

Every time we react to disruptive change, we feel like we’re making progress. But are we? The impulse to try something different is a useful one, but it needs to be matched with discipline. More is not necessarily better. With all the activities we have underway, what actually generates impact?

Who We Are
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